On the Way

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I just bought $500 dollars worth of tubes. lugs, and what-not from Nova Cycle Supply out of California.  The reason that the total was so high is that I bought an extra set of generic lugs and an extra tube so I can do a little actual lug brazing practice.  I also went with a Taylor Carbon Wishbone Seatstay kit.  I was told that I might be biting off more than I can chew going with the carbon stay but this is how I figure it:

Going with the carbon stay entails welding/brazing a connector tube to the seat tube and then bonding the wishbone to it and then bolting the other end of the stays to the drop-outs that are designed for such.

Going with the steel seat stays entails additional brazing – at the drop-outs, the seat lug, a stiffening bridge, and the cantilever mounts.  All areas that a noob such as myself may mis-align.

I think that the carbon stay option is going to be easier and look totally pimp too.  The one issue that arises in going this route is that the joint at the connector tube/seat tube won’t be strong enough if I do a fillet braze with silver solder but Brian up at Kelson Bikes in Ashton, ID said he would TIG the connector tube on for me and I’m hoping that since he incorporates carbon in some of his bikes he will help me out with bonding the stay to the connector tube.  I think I might probably smooth out his TIG bead with a little silver solder after the fact to keep the lugged “beadless” aesthetic going.

Hopefully I’ll have the tubes and stuff by this weekend.


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