Practice Lug #2

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

Thanksgiving and the dry weather kept me busy getting miles in out on the road.  While I didn’t do any frame work I did manage to come out of the other side of Thanksgiving lighter than what I went into it.

Last night I did lug #2.  As you see from the picture below I over (under?) compensated in my attempt to control the silver better.  While things looked good during the process – less burnt up flux, less silver where I didn’t want it, etc. – after cleaning up the lug it became apparent that I didn’t use enough silver.  With hindsight the fact that I didn’t use nearly as much brazing rod as on the first attempt should have clued me in but I was so focused on being neat and tidy that it didn’t click.  In the image you’ll see an obvious lack of silver between the lug and tube.  I’m pretty sure I just need to re-flux the joint up and add some more silver so that will be an exercise in learning too.  However, in light of the realization that practice make perfect I’m going to order a couple more “cheapo” tubes today to utilize the remaining lugs from the “cheapo” lug set so I can have a couple more practice sessions before I start on the actual project.

Neat & tidy but not nearly as good a joint as the first one.


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