The High Life

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

So I got up this morning and brazed the rear drop outs onto the chain stays and now I’m getting ready to go for a ride with some racer friends on a relatively warm December day in southeast Idaho and the roads are clear and there is no wind.  I hired a cycling coach that is a pro with a UCI licensed contential pro team and things are going really good with training – this will be the first year since I started riding seriously six years ago that I’m actually losing weight over the winter – so I’m pretty stoked about starting my first season as a Cat 4.  Now the way the coach is working out I’m even thinking Cat 3 might be within reach.  After I get back I’ll braze the chain stays on and the frame will basically be ready to install the carbon fiber wishbone seat stay.  Life is good.  Oh, and my Velominati Gillet (wind vest) and Specialized podium shoes that match my S-Works cycling shoes came in to so I’m pretty much a pimp.

Auto Focus Sucks


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