Bacon Saved

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

So I went up to see Brian Kelson of Kelson Bikes yesterday to have the seat stay connector tube TIG’ed on and fortunately for me he threw his little cantilever measuring jig on the bike.  I just assumed that the wishbone stay would be the right length and that the cantilever posts would be in the right place in relation to the rim.  But in hindsight I can see why it would be long to give one some leeway depending on what drop-outs they are using.  I would have just got the frame back from the powdercoater and glued the stay in and been totally screwed when the brakes would have not been able to be adjusted correctly.  I need to chop about 10mm off of each leg of the seat stay before I glue the clevis pins in.  Whew!  Thanks Brian.

Speaking of Brian – totally nice guy and he laid a sweet little bead down for me.  He also put my frame on his gigantuan alignment table,  The thing is like 4″ thick solid steel.  He was saying that industry acceptable for mass produced is 4mm (unless you are Specialized and then you let anything fly) and custom builders shoot for 2mm or better.  Mine was within 1mm so I’m pretty stoked!  He just did a quick little cold set of the left chain stay to bring everything up to snuff.

If you’re in the market for a sweet custom frame – steel, titanium, carbon – I would drop Brian a line.  He knows his stuff.  Oh, and he was gracious enough to give me the adhesive I need to glue the stay in one I get the bike back from the paint shop.

Thanks again, Brian


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