Powdercoating Covers Over a Multitude of Sins

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

I’m really stoked!  Basically the frame is finished.  I just have to clear coat the wishbone stay and glue it in and then go to the bike shop to have the BB and head tube “faced and chased”.  For not knowing how to braze when I started and never building a frame before I’m EXTREMELY please with the result of the first frame.  I would like to thank those that helped me out on the project – Kurt at Butnz.com for the awesome die cut stickers and Brian at Kelson Bikes for the TIG weld on the seat tube connector tube and checking the alignment on his alignment table.  Without further ado, I give you serial # 0001

Clicking on the images makes them bigger.

  1. Patrick Warren says:

    Thats really cool Ken! Make me a touring bike in 52 cms please!

  2. Cyclops says:

    You pay for the materials and I would do it.

  3. velonista says:

    Very late to the party over at the Velominati page, but wanted to drop a quick note to say that’s absolutely beautiful and congratulations. Top to bottom. I’ve enjoyed reading about the experience, too. What kind of paint did you use?

    • Cyclops says:

      Sorry for the late response, I was at a three day training camp down in St. George, UT. Nothing like 60 degree riding in Frebruary. Thanks for the props. I had the frame powder coated. It was $75 for sand blasting and the powder coating so I think the money I saved in time not spent in prep alone made it very worth it.

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