Freaking Awesome!!!!!

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction

So in my methodical madness I made my first frame for somebody else.  I wanted practice before I plopped me fat arse on my own frame.  Unbeknownst to Frank the founder of I built the frame for him.  He had no idea, he just knew I was sending him another one of my projects.  In the past I sent him a custom Velominati Pint Glass…

and a custom name badge and some Velominati stencils.  Anyway, he got the frame last night and was overwhelmed with gratitude and how “f***ing awesome” it is.  Now his wife wants one so I guess I’m a professional frame builder now.  He actually had his wife Michelle video tape the opening of the package and his reaction so hopefully he’ll send that to me soon and I can post it up.


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