50 year old Cat 4.  I started road racing in 2009 and got my first win at the 2011 Idaho State Road Race Championship.  It seems I’ve always been involved in bikes in one way or another since I was a child.  I’ve always wanted to get into frame construction so here I am.

I got my dream bike in the spring of 2011 – a LOOK 586 R-Light Limited Edition (#28 of 200) with SRAM Red and Zipp 303 tubs.  14 lbs. even with pedals and cages.

  1. Johnny Spartacusgilbertkelly says:

    Great frame man.
    Something i’ve been thinking about for a while.
    My Dad is a welder by trade ( although hes well retired now), I asked him to teach me years ago but he wouldn’t, because he wanted me to stay in school and get a better job than he had. Anyway, im still in school ( even though I’m well into my forties) but when it finishes in May, I might try to look into doing similar.
    How much did the tubing cost?

  2. Cyclops says:

    Without the carbon wishbone seat stay the tubeset was about $150 and then about $60 for the BB and Lugs through Nova Cycles.


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